Washing machine installation is a job we regularly carry out. This is either plumbing into existing pipework or installing a washing machine in a new location.

We’ll come to you quickly, give you a no-obligation quote and do a high-quality job at a price you’ll love.

We can give advice on the best locations to break into existing supply and waste services.

We can also modify and extend your existing pipework to enable the installation to go ahead. Once plumbed in, we will test for any leaks.

If you don’t have the right tools, fixings or expertise to install your new machine, then give us a call!

​Sometimes we get called out after the delivery drivers such as Currys have failed to complete the installation.

Contact us on 01413901846 or 07743423890

We have built up a strong reputation as one of the region’s most trusted appliance installers.

Fully equipped for e.g. if you need pipework installed, hoses fed through cupboards or just relocating the appliance.

​Both integrated and freestanding appliances fitted.

All our engineers are trained and accredited and carry ID for your security.

washing machine installation service glasgow

Installations of white goods appliances, typically washing machines or dishwashers, are straightforward for our plumbers. It’s useful to know where the nearest pipework is since we will need to hook up the drain and supply lines to the new machine.

Renovating a kitchen in your commercial or residential property? Or building a kitchen from scratch?

Our plumbers cover washing machine installation and connection, dishwasher installation, fridge installation and other white goods appliances.

Additionally, washing machines come in a variety of types and styles, such as: freestanding washing machine, integrated washing machine, front-loading washing machine, cold fill washing machine and top loader washing machine.