We are experts at assembling furniture, So you are hiring a professional to save you both time and frustration in doing the self-assembly for you.

We charge from £15 and can usually provide a same day service.

For most items to be assembled we will give a fixed price quotation.

Here is a rough guide to how long we would estimate the assembly of common household furniture to take:

Two Door Wardrobe    60min-2hrs 
Three Door Wardrobe  1.5hr-3hrs 
Bedside Table             20min-40min
Three drawer unit       45min-80min
Five drawer unit         1hr-1.5hrs 
Chair                         10min-20min 
Dining room table       20min-1hr

Bed                           1hr

Office Desk                1hr

Trampoline                1-2hrs

Please ensure the items are in the room where they need to be assembled and there is adequate working space.

We will work a lot quicker and safer without any distractions, so please be sure to keep children and pets away from the assembly area.

Any additional work required such as dealing with uneven floors or wall surfaces will be charged extra.

Contact us on 01413901846 or 07595418828

​You can also email us your requirements to info@glasgowhandymanservices.com

To see our latest work please visit our facebook page, click here

We are fully equipped! If you need furniture secured to the wall we have the brackets and power tools.​​