One of the most common jobs we do is resealing baths, basins or shower areas.

After few years silicone sealant may look tired and start to mould, also the adhesive properties may decrease which would result in leaks so replacing it is a good idea.

​Carried out to a high standard.  We seal baths, showers, sinks, window frames and door frames (trims also available), kitchen bench-tops, wall corners, ceilings, floor edging etc.

Glasgow Handyman Services guarantee a leak free finish for 12 months.

We will inspect the area, remove the old sealant clean then re-apply a new bead of silicone sealant.

If required we can also raise the bath up and or replace and old plastic sealant strip.

In order to ensure a good seal when resealing all surfaces need to be completely clean and dry.

If you are planning to have your bath or shower area re-sealed please do not use for it for at least 12 hours before and a minimum of 24 hours afterwards providing there is a window in the room for ventilation,  if there is no window in the room then we recommend leaving it for a full 48 hours.

We carry high quality white and clear sealant but if you require clear or any other colour please let us know beforehand.

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