​One of the most common jobs we do is clothes pulley installations.

The classic pulley clothes airer has been part of the British household for centuries and is a tried and tested method of clothes drying which spans for many generations.

With four or six wooden laths suspended between two cast iron rack ends, the clothes rack itself can be raised and lowered on a pulley system, making good use of the warm air trapped in the ceiling space to dry your laundry in no time at all.

We can install them in any ceiling space, the pulley clothes airer will provide an attractive and permanent solution to your laundry and a versatile and sustainable alternative to the tumble dryer, saving you money and helping reduce your household carbon footprint at the same time.

No more tripping over clumsy free standing airers or pegging washing out only to bring it in again when it starts to rain. Simply load the laundry rack, hoist it up to the ceiling and away it goes.

What’s more, adopting a more gentle method of airing your laundry will extend the life of your clothes and stop them from getting ‘cooked’ which may cause some fabrics to shrink or bobble.

The pulley system itself can be purchased directly from one of these suppliers 

 www.castinstyle.co.ukwww.sheilamaid.com or www.thatchandstone.co.uk

Simply give us a call once it arrives from the chosen supplier.

​We’ll then come to you quickly, give you a no obligation quote and do a high quality job at a price you’ll love.

We have built up a strong reputation as one of Glasgow’s most trusted clothes pulley installers.

All our engineers are trained and accredited and carry ID for your security.

Fully equipped for e.g. if you need longer or replacement pulley rope or just peace of mind then give us a call!

Contact us on 01413901846 or 07743423890

​You can also email us to info@glasgowhandymanservices.com